9.13.2018 New York, NY, USA

Vintage tee, Old Navy jeans, Urban Outfitters bandana, Zara flats, Mejuri hoops
Just a girl in her favorite color combination, soaking up the sun (read: humidity) and plotting her next smoothie bowl. 
White jeans, once a complete and utter taboo in my book, have been my lifeline through these sweaty few weeks. These babies are just high waisted and straight legged enough to fit in with my denim collection, and just lightweight enough to keep me cool while sprinting between classes. 
I've been flirting with the western trend for quite some time now, as bandanas have always been my just-trying-to-get-out-the-door accessory. It took me several tries and a good 40 minutes of Youtube, but I finally somewhat accomplished tying my bandanas into more of a choker than a scarf. Some studded flats amped my new bandana-choker up a notch, and brought some much needed bookends of black in this all too colorful outfit. 
Any white-denim aficionados out there, feel free to leave tips/style inspo in the comments or through Instagram! There's only so many graphic tee combos I can churn out without feeling a little excessive. 

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