8.05.2018 Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

 Azalea sweater, Wasteland Vintage tee, Vintage Levi's shorts, Nike Air Force 1's, Forever 21 bag, Mejuri earrings
Nothing makes me happier than wearing a massive vintage tee, snagging free parking on Haight St. (???), and prancing through bougainvillea with some nice breeze and Blue Bottle coffee.
I've been lusting after Azalea's entire inventory for years, and finally sprung on this NYC-friendly sweater that makes me feel like an actual Disney animated lamb.
I'm not sure what this baby is made of, but I can't let one person compliment me without shoving a sleeve in their face yelling "THANKSFEELHOWSOFTITIS." The type of sweater I can throw on over the rattiest, tomboy-est sports tee and still feel like a ~fashion blogger~. The type of sweater that is hopefully distracting everyone from how disastrous my hair is in this weather. All in all, a solid investment and definitely my new go-to for Fall or any day I just need to feel like a cloud.

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  1. cute outfit! love the sweater, it looks so soft and comfy.


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