7.21.2018 Oakland, CA, USA

 Green Box Shop tee, Vintage jeans, Vintage bandana, Zara flats
Here's me not wearing sneakers for the first time in months(!) and subtly-not-so-subtly showing off my tattoo which I am completely in love/obsessed with. (Head here for tattoo meaning)
I've been on the hunt for vintage black jeans for what feels like decades. You know exactly what kind I'm talking about. The perfect shade of washed black, ultra-high waisted, straight leg, hits right at the ankle. In this fantasy they're Levi's, they cost less than $20, and they effortlessly go with my hoarder-level collection of vintage tees. 
What every Insta-girl has paid triple digits for at Reformation, I'm determined to find in a thrift shop. Maybe it's because I've gotten so absurdly lucky in the past (Dior cardigan, Calvin Klein corduroys, perfect gingham pants), but I feel like I might just be able to pull this off with the right amount of patience and Fleetwood Mac playlists.
But until then, I've found the perfect alternative. This perfect little soft-denim gem, with it's cropped fit, $5 price tag, and on-trend contrast stitching, will do just fine. 

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