7.12.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

American Apparel dress, Urban Outfitters bandana, Nike Air Force 1's
I know that I've been a bit quiet the last few weeks, both here on the blog and throughout social media. I know I'm not being the most interactive with you, I'm not producing the most exciting ~content~, and I'm definitely not posting or shooting consistently. And I'm sorry.
I've been keeping a little (huge) secret from the blog, not because I didn't want to tell you, but because I didn't exactly know how.
I'm moving. I'm vacuum sealing my leopard coat, selling my furniture, and moving. To New York City.
After two beautiful years in San Diego, I finally confronted the fact that the city would never push me towards my dreams in the ways I hoped it could. I spent a year and a half feeling stagnant, anxious, and depressed without knowing (or rather, accepting) why. After some intense soul-searching and unwavering support from my loved ones, I made the incredibly hard decision to leave my favorite beaches, people, and veggie burritos behind for the Big Apple. 
Living in New York City has been on every vision board of mine since elementary school, and has always been an inevitable step in my journey through the fashion industry. My born-and-raised California genes have a bit of adjusting to do (ya girl has never seen snow before), but I finally have an excuse for my compulsive coat-buying habit!
I'm terrified, I'm excited, but more than anything I'm grateful. Thank you for sharing my piece of the internet with me, whether you've been here for years or this is your first ever go-around. Thank you for your love throughout the countless transformations my life seems to undergo, although I have a strong feeling that this is my biggest one yet.

Now that my secret is out, if any of you have killer NYC vintage shopping/brunch/coffee recs, drop them in the comments or hit me up on Instagram (@theunkempt)! I'm in desperate need of NYC friendships and vanilla iced latte plugs, ASAP.

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