7.16.2018 Arts District, Los Angeles, CA, USA

 Thrasher Mag tee, Vintage pants, Nike Air Force 1's Vintage fanny pack, Old Navy scrunchie
Another day, another graphic tee/fannypack combo. 
I know fannypacks have become somewhat of a hypebeast staple (typing this as I wear a Thrasher tee with absolutely no intention of skateboarding in it), but I can't help but feel like a giant soccer mom every time I proudly rock this baby. Maybe it's because I'm usually pairing it with ultra-high waisted mom jeans. Maybe it's because said fannypack is stocked with SPF 30, a Tide stick, and at least four hair ties at all times. Or maybe it's because my love for this fannypack is in no way ironic or ~fashun~, I've just come to love our hands-free life together. 
Or maybe this is just yet another one of my infamous phases, like jelly shoes or kombucha on tap. Check in with me and my fannypack in a few months. If I suddenly have a minivan and "can I speak to your manager" haircut, it's time to get the authorities involved. 

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