7.18.2018 Mission District, San Francisco, CA, USA

Vintage dress, Vintage cardigan, Nike Air Force 1's, Mejuri earrings 
Give me a day off and temperate weather, and I'll head towards 90's silhouettes + monochromatic tones. Every. Single. Time. At this point I won't even put on a sweater unless it completely and utterly drowns me.
As for this dress, she was plucked from Jet Rag's $1 Sunday Sale- arguably LA's best kept secret and one of my essential stops during a weekend trip home. A few reckless chops and rounds in the wash later, we are inseparable. I couldn't resist throwing on my massively oversized vintage cardi in juuust the right shade of navy, adding dimension to the dress without making me look like a beanbag chair.
But seriously, this dress and I are besties. The other day, my dad saw me walk through the door and said "You know we have a washer and dryer, right? You don't have to keep wearing that."
Thankful for that subtle shade and major reminder to switch things up once and awhile. 

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