6.13.2018 West Hollywood, CA, USA

H&M top, Vintage pants, Vintage fannypack, Nike Air Force 1's
Some quick snaps taken during the madness of LA Pride, in between blowing my paycheck at the OVO store and screaming the lyrics of "Since U Been Gone" on the streets of West Hollywood. What a day. 
I told myself I wasn't going to become a fannypack person, but I couldn't pass up this $3 gem and... I'm obsessed? Just enough space for my essentials, just enough tourist dad vibes, and leaves both hands free for any iced coffee/camera moments that may come my way. 
I usually keep things simple for a day trip home, knowing I'll be running between old haunts and baking under the ruthless LA sun. Space buns, cargo pants, and my trusty AF1's kept me infinitely comfy (and only slightly sunburned) through a day of caffeine-fueled adventure and horrible dancing.

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