6.19.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

Urban Outfitters overalls, Old Navy blouse, Vintage hat, Forever 21 sandals
Nothing better than lazy summer Thursdays (but it's summer, so who cares what day it is) spent soaking up sunshine and munching overpriced avocado toast. 
Summer brings up countless special traditions and memories, but most importantly, it's overall season. The most wonderful time of the year, marked by minimal time getting dressed and maximum time trying to pee. All my faves are back on repeat, and we're tackling triple-digit adventures with nothing but a flowy top and some rotational accessories. 
The massive hat, worn by my dad while gardening throughout my childhood and rescued by me when he was ready to throw it out, has been a surprisingly big player in my summer looks so far. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to classify myself as a ~hat person~ but hey, baby steps. 

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