6.02.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

Vintage blazer, American Apparel top, Topshop jeans, Nike Air Force 1's
And suddenly...I'm a blazer person?
The plaid blazer is having quite a moment, and I've struggled to find an alternative to the black/grey polyester copout that every Insta-girl has been shoving down our throats this month. 
This vintage gem has been in my life for years, and this is the second time it's ever seen the light of day. Something about the beige colorway is just so far from my comfort zone and typical wardrobe, I've made a thousand mental outfit plans but always hesitate when it comes time to actually get dressed. I was this close to throwing it on Depop in one of my impulsive-closet-cleaning sessions that always lead to a bank account boost but instant regret, but I decided to take her out for a test drive.
After all, if there's anything that can make me feel at home, it's Air Force 1's and a shoestring belt. 

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