5.10.2018 Pasadena, CA, USA


Vintage tee, Vintage pants, Urban Outfitters jacket, Nike Air Force 1's Forever 21 earrings, Old Navy necklace
Dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have. 
Wear that faux fur coat in the rain, even if it means sprinting under doorways and smelling like a wet dog when you inevitably fail to stay dry. 
(Seriously, please do this, so I feel like I'm not stupid) 
Today is the first day of my summer break, and I'm coasting into the next three months with an iced latte in hand and "Nice for What" on repeat. If you need me I'll be laying by the ocean, snapping photos of the rose gardens, or consuming an ungodly amount of açaí bowls in my bluest denim and clearest mind. Spoiler alert: nothing but gingham, white sneakers, and band tees from here on out.

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