5.14.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

 Urban Outfitters top, Vintage Levi's Jeans, Adidas slides, Old Navy scrunchie, Forever 21 hoops
Nothing quite says "first week of summer" like forgiving sunnies, comfortable slides, and an actual shoestring as a belt because everything else is just too far out of arm's reach. 
These vintage Levi's and I have soaked up three summers' worth of sunshine together, and we don't plan on parting anytime soon. As I've apparently slimmed down a bit since I first dug them out of my San Francisco vintage haven, and sometimes my chunky leather belts don't quite fit the vibe, I unlaced my middle school Converse and hastily improvised in order to get out the door on time (with my pants up). 
Throw on a tube top, my favorite 90's accessories and shiny new slides, and the result? A can't-fail summer combo that will be on repeat through the next month's coffee runs and adventures and everything in between. 

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