5.05.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

 Exlura dress (use code DR003BLK to save some coin!), Urban Outfitters bralette, Nike Cortez's, Old Navy scrunchie
Good morning from me, the final exam I have in three hours, and my not-so-itty-bitty polka dot dress. 
 Polka dots isn't exactly a print I normally gravitate towards, but the slipdress silhouette and all-too-familiar colorway had me enamored at first sight. As temperatures creep up and my brain capacity for getting ready takes a sharp decline, I need as many easy outfit-makers as I can get my hands on. Previously reserved for birthday party tablecloths or Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes, polka dots are surprisingly chic when shape and color are kept to a minimum. And duh, pockets never hurt.  
The flowy, buttery shapelessness of this polka-dotted baby was practically begging for some 90's femme details, hence my thinnest bralette and chunkiest scrunchie. Slightly disgusted with the unprecedented amount of femininity on myself, I grabbed my Cortez's and ran. 

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