H&M Jacket, Green Box Shop tee, Vintage pants, Nike Air Force 1's, Old Navy scrunchie, Forever 21 earrings
Every one of my New Yorker friends told me to stay as far away from Times Square as possible, but I grabbed my obnoxious jacket and clunkiest camera lens and dove headfirst into the madness anyways. As my dad, fellow LA local and antisocial enthusiast, described it: "this is Hollywood Blvd. on crack." We maneuvered through the neon-lit sea of tourists, snapped a few shots, and promptly ducked into the nearest bakery for a quiet croissant break. 
This jacket was purchased in the last hours before taking off from San Diego, as I realized that none of my overpriced fashun jackets could actually stand a chance against the slightest hint of precipitation. I snatched the last one in the store, four sizes too big, but all too comfy and all too essential as I navigated my first experience with snow (it was on the ground, and barely, but let me have my moment). 

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  1. All the pieces of this outfit are so beautiful and unique,
    I totally love this combination!


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