3.08.2018 Salvation Mountain

Gloss the Label sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, ASOS pants, Nike Air Force 1's, Forever 21 earrings
I feel like I should get "sorry for not posting" tattooed across my forehead, because that seems to be my phrase of choice throughout the last few posts. Here's my ever-growing list of excuses for going off grid the last month:
1. My laptop literally exploded (smoke, weird smells, the whole shebang. I wish I was kidding)
1 1/2. Within 24 hours of my laptop exploding, I had to drop multiple paychecks on a new laptop that I definitely wasn't planning on buying for the next two years. 
2. Said laptop doesn't have SD or even USB ports (thanks, Apple), and I had to order countless adaptors before even thinking about transferring photos. Amazon Prime is the true hero of this story. 
3. I'm currently in the midst of my monthly mid-life crisis, this one is amplified by the fact that I'm turning 20 and I still have no Olympic medals/Academy Awards/Editor-in-Chief positions to my name. 

But anyways, me and my twenty SD-card adaptors are back and better than ever! I've been shooting content throughout the last month and I'm excited to start pumping it out, and I have so so many new pieces to shoot + share with my little internet family. 
Here's some snippets of my road trip to Salvation Mountain last week. It felt so refreshing to have an authentic adventure before the stress of midterms kick in- nothing but me, my boy, my camera, and and unholy amount of McDonald's iced coffee. I brilliantly decided to wear leather pants for a two-hour desert car ride, which left me slightly cranky and extremely sweaty by the time we actually reached our destination. Thank god for crisp white shirts, comfy sneakers, thick sunglasses, and aforementioned iced coffee. 

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