3.14.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

BellisMira slipdress, Urban Outfitters bralette, Urban Outfitters coat, Forever 21 earrings, Nike Air Force 1's
No, this isn't a high school throwback post. 
Midterm-season stress mixed with my current midlife crisis mixed with extremely rare free time had me camped out in my bathroom for hours, blasting 2000's pop and painting my hair, for the first time in years. This definitely isn't a forever thing, my bubblegum strands and I are just patiently waiting for some more roots to grow out before returning to the platinum I know and love. 
In other news, a new slipdress has been added to my collection and I'm already being as extra as possible with it. Several look ideas were floating around the drawing board for it's first appearance on the blog but who was I kidding, this gem deserves the fluffiest fur coat and nothing less. 
Coven vibes were slightly dialed down thanks go my go-to necklaces and Air Force 1's, which have been on nearly constant repeat since they entered my wardrobe. 

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