2.07.2018 San Diego, CA, USA

Vintage Levi's jeans (from Urban Outfitters), Vintage top, Nike sneakers, Gloss the Label sunglasses, Brandy Melville necklace
Become friends with an amazing photographer, and always get your angles. Become best friends with an amazing photographer, and you'll never see another pimple again. Nothing beats having my best friend (@kayleekepple) back in SD, spending half our paychecks on iced lattes, romping through our old haunts and any thrift store/vegan cheeseburger in between. 
A half-hearted stop into Urban Outfitters last week turned out to be arguably the best decision of 2018 thus far- I ended up walking away with vintage Levi's for $7. These babies were somehow on sale for $9.99, throw an additional 30% on top of that, and I ended up with new jeans for the price of a Downtown parking spot. 
They're massively oversized, which I love, such a comfy and fresh alternative to my million pairs of black skinnies. The billowed proportions were solved by some creative belting and chopping a few inches off the leg, which resulted in some fraying and a slight flare that somehow deepened my affection for these beauties. I've been terrified of the butt-distressing (is there a name for this? butt-stressing? help me out here) movement, but the bagginess and versatility of these jeans make up for any reservations I may have had. 
2018, two months in and you've thrown me my dream Levi's? I think we're going to get along just fine. 

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