1.11.2018 San Francisco, CA, USA

Vintage slipdress, Urban Outfitters tights, Nike Air Force 1's, Urban Outfitters bralette 
Just living my best life, roaming around the Mission District, wearing my favorite coat as a dress and pretending like school doesn't start in five days. New class schedule? Work? Textbook prices? No thanks, I'm just going to keep reading in coffee shops while sipping honey lattes and watching the dogs of San Francisco pass me by. 
Leopard-print faux fur and a satin slipdress is quite possibly the most feminine energy I've ever willingly placed myself in. Slipdresses are such a dream to wear, I'll never let that be compromised by some low temperatures. Versatile tights and my go-to coat kept the breeze from reaching anywhere it wasn't welcome, and chunky sneakers offset the overflow of femininity while adding my personal twist. 

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