Urban Outfitters overalls, Old Navy tee, Nike Air Force 1's, Forever 21 necklace
Every single year, within a week or so of the ball dropping, I have to get myself in a museum. Nothing calms me, soothes me, nourishes me like wandering the dimly lit echoed galleries of my favorite cities. This week, for the second year in a row, I kicked 2018 off in my absolute happy place- the SFMOMA. Nothing quite sets the mood for a new year like putting on some overalls and soaking in some Warhol, Sightglass espresso machine humming in the background. 
I adore dressing for a museum day. It's a small adventure, and nobody else in that museum could care less which leather jacket I finally decided on, but combining a badass look with a day of admiring art makes my heart glow from the inside out. For this special excursion I went for a striped tee (I told you it would be on repeat) with my favorite overalls, and Air Force 1's that have scarcely left my feet since their purchase. I hovered over some untouched bright red lipstick before chickening out and retreating to my grunge-nude safety net, and looking at these photos I begrudgingly know I should've gone for the red. New 2018 resolution: STOP BEING TERRIFIED OF RED LIPSTICK. 

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