Vintage GAP jacket, Vintage turtleneck, American Apparel jeans, Nike sneakers, Forever 21 necklace + earrings
Are you really home from break if you're not raiding your parents' closets for vintage gems? Quick shoutout to my dad for never questioning my methods as I borrow obscure tees, oversized jackets, even old gym sweatshirts at the back of his closet. While my vintage Calvin Klein denim jacket rested safely in San Diego, I hit the streets of San Fran with this loaner and my absolute favorite turtleneck. 
If there's a line between color coordinated and too color coordinated, this outfit and I are soaring past it at 100 mph with no turn signals. It has nothing to do with American patriotism and everything to do with the fact that black and cherry-red are the two colors dominating my mind/wardrobe at the moment. Something about these Cortez's, I can't but gravitate towards matching hues to accent them. With nothing but some black skinnies to buffer the aggressively-American flag vibes, have I finally gone too far? Please let me know before I hoard even more Cortez-colored layers to fulfill my obsession.

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