Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Topshop jeans, Urban Outfitters bandana, Missguided bag, Vintage booties 
First things first, I hope everyone had a love-filled Christmas with lots of lights, fuzzy socks, and at least one viewing of Elf (the undeniable supreme of Christmas movies, don't fight me on this). After a quick day trip to LA I'm finally in San Francisco, where I spent Christmas watching Star Wars and bundling up against the 50-degree winds. 
Here I am, wearing this jacket again, hoping no one is surprised. I gush and gush about this baby way too much around here, so I'll just skip to the rest of the outfit, sound good?
The bandana movement has faltered slightly as 2017 comes to a close, but I'm still obsessed with these little easy outfit-makers and can't stop reaching for them when in need of a quick fix. A trusty bandana + oversized men's shirt is one of my favorite go-to combos, it requires zero effort but holds infinite possibility in the form of layering/accessorizing. And what better to offset the accidental but not really Western vibes? The leopard jacket, of course. But I promised I'd stop gushing about her, so let's just call it a day.

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