12.31.2017 San Francisco, CA, USA

Etsy Tee (no longer available from the original seller), American Apparel jeans, Nike sneakers, Forever 21 necklace + earrings, Old Navy scrunchie
This is both the last post of 2017 and the first post with my insane new DSLR Nikon, so get ready so see a whole lot more of my pores than you're used to. 
And what do you know, I'm wearing this effing jacket again. I wish I could say I'm sorry. 
I had room for only one jacket in my suitcase for this trip, so I obviously chose the largest and least practical one in my wardrobe. But this beauty and I have created so many show-stopping looks lately I genuinely have zero regrets- so buckle up and prepare to see spots until I'm flown back to my overflowing SoCal closet. Thrown on top of a graphic tee and blinding white sneakers, I feel right at home in my fuzzy second skin. 
As the mess of 2017 comes to a close, I hope everyone takes time to reflect on their highs and lows of the previous year. Making resolutions is a cheesy and over-saturated concept, but at it's core, it's simply outlining goals and what you consciously wish to adjust or accomplish in the next 365 days. Personally, I'd like to put more time + energy into the personal style I have felt myself shifting towards for months. I want to start feeling confident in my clothes again, instead of wearing the only three pieces that I actually like on repeat while my creativity suffers as a result. I hope that confidence transfers onto this blog and creates a more flourishing and vibrant outlet for my passion, while communicating with the beloved readers like you who take time out of your day to share my little piece of the internet. 
2018 begins on January 1st, a Monday, at the peak of a full moon. I can't think of a better time to start fresh and start manifesting what you can accomplish in this next chapter. What will you get done this year? 

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