Old Navy top, Vintage skirt, Zaful boots, Zaful backpack, Forever 21 Necklace + earrings
Finals are over, stress is (temporarily) releasing it's hold on me, and I'm walking away from my responsibilities with an iced latte in one hand and plane ticket in the other. This next month in San Francisco will be spent listening to records, catching up with Netflix, and shooting content as much as possible. I can FINALLY get back to my blogging groove and escape this leggings/hoodie vortex that the last few weeks of exams have trapped me in. 
In other good news, I stumbled upon the ultimate striped shirt and I'm definitely never taking it off. I had no idea how meticulous the standards for a striped shirt were until I actually started looking- the size of the stripes, a dominant color, and other tiny details couldn't escape my Aries brain. I finally settled on this one, it was love at first sight. I have a million and one ideas for how to wear this staple, but for now I'll just throw on these pink booties and a 60's miniskirt and call it a day. 

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