American Apparel tank, Vintage pants, Celebrity Pink jacket, Forever 21 sandals, Forever 21 necklace + earrings, Old Navy scrunchie
First of all, I know my posts have been slacking in the last month and I'm really sorry. Final exams and work and daylight savings have my schedule completely out of whack, but I'm trying my hardest to get a routine down in which I can start posting regularly again. This blog is and always will be my baby, I appreciate everyone who shares it with me more than you'll ever know. 
Second of all, I KNOW I NEED TO STOP WEARING THESE PANTS. I'm currently in a style metamorphosis of sorts, I feel my personal style changing yet I'm too broke to pursue any new clothes that actually fit the new "me". So when I find something that makes my heart glow, I just wear it on repeat. Hence these pants. As "Winter" approaches in SoCal I'm leaning towards layering rather than just throwing on the closest sweater, and reverting back to my black/white color palate that pretty much dominates from November-February. 
My favorite pants, a chopped wifebeater (can we change that name please? thanks.) and most loyal leather jacket make a Winter formula I can get used to. Dainty little gold things and a velvet scrunchie make the perfect touches to spice things up while hiding unruly hair, and some sandals to remind myself that no matter how much leather and velvet I drape myself with, this is still San Diego. 

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