Thrifted top, Vintage trousers, Vintage jacket, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 necklace + earrings
Temperatures are starting to dip below 70 here in SD, which means I'm jumping into my leather jacket collection like a kid with a pile of leaves (such a Fall stereotype, and one that I've never experienced as an LA kid, but let me live). 
This vintage gem is my favorite in the family, I don't think I need to explain why. The fringe, the 80's silhouette, the fringe, the structural shoulders, the fringe. I'm a sucker for anything that makes me feel like I'm the lead in an angsty teen movie, can't you just see the slow-mo montage of this jacket parading through dimly-lit halls and neon streets? Every step and every movement is unconsciously exaggerated when this jacket and I meet, just for the satisfaction of feeling a swinging cape of fringe flounce behind me.
For her first outing of the season I threw on some other thrifted beauties I've curated over the years, these trusty grey trousers you've seen countless times and a new (hugely oversized) silk blouse. Top it all off with some dainty gold touches and my newest obsession sunnies? Let leather weather begin. 

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