Thrifted top, American Apparel jeans, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 necklace + earrings
95 degree Thanksgiving? I mean I guess? Thanks for keeping me humble and reminding me that global warming is real, San Diego.
I'm a sucker for head-to-toe black with my leopard coat thrown on top. This babe is a statement-maker in every season, every occasion, and every look- from rolling out of bed for a coffee run to a fancy little dinner. This week's scorching temps were definitely telling me not to wear black and not to wear a fur coat, but here I am sweating profusely and looking semi-cute doing it. Giving my midriff and knees some breathing room is surprisingly helpful in surviving this Summer-Fall weather mess, along with heavy layered jewelry and several gallons of iced coffee. 
On a real note, I hope everyone reading this has a love-filled Thanksgiving. Surround yourself with a cute outfit, mac n' cheese, and the people who make you the happiest. 

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