ToSave top, Vintage Levi's jeans, Zara flats, Vintage belt
Took a little time off to get settled in my ever-changing school schedule, but I'm back and only slightly terribly stressed (for now). On a real note, the fact that it's already my second year in college is absolutely mind-blowing. I don't want to go full nagging grandmother on you and say that it all goes by too fast, but it's going by really effing fast. 
Thankfully I live in SoCal where changing seasons just means a gust of wind every few weeks, so I'll be strolling along in my crop tops and shortest shorts for weeks to come. My off-shoulder obsession has only grown as Summer comes to a close, giving me the weirdest tan lines yet cutest outfits I think I've ever experienced in such a short period of time. Tis' the season of trying out new colors, textures, shapes, and vibes- it feels like I'm only getting started. 

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