Vintage tee, Thrifted pants, Birkenstock sandals, Zaful backpack, Forever 21 bracelet + earrings
Back in San Diego, (almost) back to school, back to living in this tee. This past month has been such a flurry of traveling and exploring, I am not at all excited to get back to any type of routine. LA, San Francisco, and Portland treated me well in the past month or so- no responsibilities except for where my next iced latte/scoop of ice cream was coming from and what playlist would be chosen for each dreamy sunset drive. But hey, I'm back in San Diego and I've got 1 1/2 weeks left of Summer and I plan on squeezing every last adventurous drop out of 'em. You know, in between moving and scheduling and getting back to work and dropping ridiculous amounts of money on grown-up things like light bulbs or WiFi bills. I loathe the word "adulting" with all my being, but I'm feeling it on a cellular level right now. 
Therefore, I'll probably be living in my trusty favorites for the next few weeks until all this responsibility-dust settles. My most adored and comfortable pants combined with my most adored and comfortable tee? And the most un-basic slides? Yes please! 

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