Topshop dress, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 earrings + bracelet
Up next on "it's too hot to spend more than fifteen seconds getting ready"...this all-in-one dress! It's so easy to just throw on and go, and a hidden leg slit makes running around in stuffy humidity a little more manageable. The simplicity of both silhouette and color scheme make this dress an absolute dream for instant-outfits: rotating shoe/accessory combos can completely change the vibe. Dainty peeks of gold jewelry and some baby pink lips amped up a girly factor that I don't usually gravitate to, so obviously Superstars had to swoop in and bring me back to my athleisure roots. After a staggering three-step getting ready process, I was ready to roam the farmer's market with a cookie in one hand and massive coldbrew in the other. 

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