Urban Outfitters dress, Vintage booties, Forever 21 bracelet
This dress is somethin' else. It doesn't vibe with my personal style and isn't exactly appropriate for day-to-day errands, but occasionally when bad moods strike you just need a dress to dramatically flow behind you in the wind. This dress and a breezy day give plenty of excuses to strut aimlessly, admiring a magnificent train of gingham that billows with every step. An abundance of itty bitty details along with the plunging bralette-friendly neckline have kept me hooked to this piece for years, despite the twists and turns that my personal style has made since it was first salvaged out of an Urban Outfitters sale. Throw in some angsty 90's heroine vibes and impeccable lighting (and maybe definitely an iced coffee run), my inner sad-girl is always given the badass facelift she deserves. 

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