H&M turtleneck, thrifted dress. Zaful backpack, Forever 21 earrings, Dr. Martens shoes
Just casually wearing a turtleneck in July. JULY. And it only cost $5. Am I living my best life?? I honestly think I might be. 
Extremely grateful for San Francisco's moody weather, huge museums, and abundant coffee shops for keeping me busy this past week. It feels so good to be back, exploring in the sunshine while temperatures stay just low enough to pull off some light layering. This look has earned a spot in my all-time favorites, partially because I'm just a sucker for dress layering as well as the killer details within this turtleneck. Serious grunge vibes were coherently modernized by my favorite accessories, from my hoop earrings to the tiniest little ring, ending with stark white Docs that really need to make their way out of my closet more often. 

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