Urban Outfitters overalls, Old Navy top, Adidas sneakers. Forever 21 bracelet
Oh hey. Sorry for being M.I.A. this week! I was stuck without wifi and ran out of data on my phone for the first time since middle school, so posting on the blog/Instagram was a no-go. But I'm back! And wearing these overalls again! 
The hotter it gets, the less effort I want to put into my hair/outfits/appearance in general. I basically just try to get away with as little material on my body as possible when temps pass 85, so overalls are perfect for looking incredibly put together with no effort OR heat exhaustion (a true win-win). These black industrial babies are my current favorites, I've been throwing them on top of everything for months. The adorable striped top is me attempting to pull off yellow, although my fair skin and platinum hair have long destined me for failure in that quest. 

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