Adidas sports bra, Vintage pants, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 bracelet + earrings
Oh look, I'm wearing these pants again! How creative and original! I should be giving you an excuse that my other expensive pants are in the laundry/stolen/ripped, but I'm really just obsessed with the high waisted gingham comfort DREAMS that exist within this $5 thrift score. Bumped them up from just plain tees to athleisure status with my comfy little crop- technically a sports bra, but much too treasured to ever see a gym/the sweat involved. Easygoing athleisure vibes kept flowing with brand new sparkling Superstars and some huge hoop earrings (my latest obsession). This outfit was worn to eat a huge vegan burrito and had nothing to do with any athletic activity whatsoever, but I'll just keep repeating the word athleisure until we all move on. 

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