Vintage tee, Urban Outfitters tights, Dr. Martens oxfords
No-pants weather has arrived and I am beyond ready for it. Time to head to my trusty thrifts, get some Fleetwood Mac goin' in my headphones, and grab as many ridiculously oversized tees as possible. Bonus points for some cool embroidery and presidential status! This tee is huge, boxy, and simple with some slight insanely cool detail. Fishnets made added some edge without any more stuffy fabric, making my legs miles longer in the process. My crisp white Docs, a.k.a. the occasional upgrade to my overworn Superstars, brightened up the look and brought out the most badass embroidery I've ever put on. 
Note to self though? Maybe some socks next time. Blisters and blood stains and white oxfords = not cute. 

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