Vintage Calvin Klein jacket, Thrifted crop top, Thrifted trousers, Forever 21 sandals, Zaful backpack
These pants are the newest and brightest in my trouser collection, I've finally found my gingham fix!! Pretty sure these babies used to be part of a chef's uniform (the tag has a fork/knife embroidered on it?) but who am I to judge, I'm just grateful they fell into my hands. Although my instincts are pushing me to throw on every band tee I own with these, I chose to keep it classic for their first little coffee run out of my closet. The staple white tee, vintage Calvin jacket, dainty little accessories, and sandals I only bought because I figured I'd need a warm-weather option besides my slides. All I needed was an iced latte and 5000 excuses to wear these pants again. 

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