Tommy Hilfiger top, vintage Levi's shorts, Vintage booties, Urban Outfitters bandana
Is your white shirt ever so new and so crisp and so clean that it literally reflects light? That's what I'm going through currently, and why these pictures are so awkwardly exposed. I think I was still on a high from my really good brunch (Sqirl killed it as always) and didn't take notice soon enough.
ANYWAYS, I have finally found the massively oversized white shirt of my dreams. Tucking it into some itty bitty shorts created the skewed proportion that I love so much, along with some vintage booties and bandana to get the boy-scout vibes flowing. Finally, firetruck red lipstick that I've been terrified to wear until now. I'm too much of a messy person to wear anything but matte liquid lipstick, the thought of having to reapply anything or even look in a mirror to check for smudges is simply too much effort. Sure enough, my passionate encounter with some avocado toast left this lipstick all but gone in 15 minutes. Practice makes perfect?

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