Oh hi. I have quite a lot to explain, especially if you don't follow my spastic rants throughout Instagram. The past two months have been absolutely insane throughout my school/work/personal life. And as the cherry on top, my laptop broke down and dragged me through several repair shops, several diagnoses, and several more dollars than I was planning on dropping. I had to juggle my job with finals week-studying and about 4 essays-relying solely on library computers. On top of that was moving out of my dorm and getting my Summer plans in order. Moving out of a dorm and into a storage unit is not the easiest task in a VW Beetle, please just take a second to picture how stupid I looked on the freeway. I also sprained my foot, so everything was accomplished via limping. All of this simultaneously went down in a three-week period, giving me no time to breathe. And definitely no time, or resources, to blog.
This two month period, though hectic and strenuous, has been a time of transformation. I got through my second semester of college with straight A's, pushed myself both mentally and emotionally to spaces I didn't think existed. My personal style has evolved, as always, to reflect the person I am and places I occupy in this moment. But it's been a while since the blog has evolved with me, has it not? 
Thinking of a new name was tricky, even though I've always felt disconnected from "The Dark Side." But finally it clicked; I'm unkempt. My hair, my closet, my aesthetic, my train of thoughts. Unkempt. Constantly in a state of perfect disarray, somewhat held together but shifting every minute. So, welcome to The Unkempt. I will absolutely be back to regular posting here, and on Instagram (@theunkempt, new handle who dis?). I strongly believe that this new period will be beautifully creative, and a better experience for both of us. Thank you for sharing it with me. 

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