Thrifted+DIY tank, Vintage shorts, Calvin Klein briefs, Adidas sneakers, Forever 21 bangle
As requested, first up on the blog's revamp is my Coachella lookbook!
So let's get real about Coachella for a minute. My outfits probably won't be as extravagant and "festival" style as you would like them to be, but I promise you, I could not care less. I went to Coachella for the music and getting a perfect outfit shot for Instagram was not even on my priority list at all. 
Being there and seeing the flimsy festival girls float around in their meticulously planned Forever 21 outfits, iPhones capturing every single second, walking around to be seen rather to see, was saddening. So I hope your other favorite bloggers had fun snapping photos of their ice cream and getting the perfect candid in front of the ferris wheel, sorry, I was too busy sprinting between BANKS and The xx and Travis Scott while genuinely being present in every moment. 
And since we're being candid here, the experience of Coachella is NOT as glamorous as Instagram/the fashion industry portrays it. It's hot as hell, literally over 100 degrees of pure desert sun (not including the body heat of crowds) with very little shade. You're hot, sweaty, thirsty, and surrounded by weed smoke 100% of the time. It's not for everyone. The physical strain of running between sets in 100 degrees and dancing for 12 hours is strenuous to say the least. I'm not saying I didn't have an amazing time, but being at Coachella is not as romantic as those Insta shots you've been liking. Those celebrities and bloggers wearing pounds of makeup and layered outfits more than likely spent their day at a pool party or air conditioned hotel, showing up to the festival at sunset for a few sets and snaps. 
That being said, I still had the most memorable weekend of my life, and would absolutely go again if I was blown away by the lineup. The purpose of this post is not to bash Coachella in the slightest, just trying to let you know what you're in for if you're thinking of making the $500 plunge next season. Go, live your best life, enjoy yourself, but for the love of God bring sunblock. 

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