Vintage pants, Zaful backpack, Forever 21 sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, Forever 21 bracelet
Spring break means sleeping in, downing iced lattes, and wearing pajama pants as an outfit. These vintage PJ pants have been in my possession forever, and this is the first time I've ever worn them. And I am HOOKED. The papery cotton material feel light as air and goes hand in hand with the softly intricate blue pattern. For an insanely hot day (oh how I've missed you LA) it only felt natural to grab my white baby tee and some new sandals I desperately need to break in. To edge up the cloudy color palate, black accessories such as my trusty backpack and choker were needed. With layers as light as this, the sun felt wonderfully refreshing rather than dragging me down in a heap of sweat and sticky fabric. 

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