Yeezus tee, Vintage pants, Birkenstock sandals, Missguided bag
Up next in vintage purchases that were definitely not practical but definitely necessary: green velvet pants. I used to have a pair of velvet joggers but never really wore them, so I was slightly weary of getting another pair (especially in a hella-out-of-my-comfort-zone green). But slipping them on and realizing how comfortable they were sold me. To keep the easy vibes going, I grabbed my slide sandals and favorite tee. I found that these pants have the same qualities as my beloved trouser collection: ridiculously comfy and easy to throw on, but amp up the fashion cred of even the simplest things worn on top. Trousers/unique pants are such a chic and easy alternative to jeans, I'll never get bored of trying new pairs. Until I run out of room, which is going to be happening soon. 

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