27 March

Vintage GAP tank, Vintage skirt, Urban Outfitters bralette, Vintage top, Vintage booties, Zaful backpack, NB Trendy choker
I'm nineteen today! That's so awkward. Nineteen is one of those weird in-between ages, almost a semi adult yet still figuring out how to file taxes or order appetizers. 18 was too good to me: I finally left high school and started an amazing new journey in college that has led me to nothing but wonderful things. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store.
Yesterday was spent as a surprise-only, pre-birthday celebration courtesy of my boy. A Habitat iced latte, exploring Griffith Park, and devouring some jackfruit tacos was followed by my first Lakers game in years. Since I went into the day not knowing what was going down, I went with my monochromatic instincts and some 70's vibes. This biege miniskirt is the long-awaited sibling of my absolute favorite black skirt, and I immediately wanted to match it up with this oldie knit tank. Black accessories were needed to balance out such a light color palate; enter a leather backpack, booties, and suede choker. Finally, an old paisley button-down that was scored for $1 on La Brea. Almost all vintage, almost all biege/black, and perfect for a wonderful adventure day. 

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