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I've written and re-written this post several times in my head and still am not entirely sure what to write so here we go. I'm back. You may have noticed my silence on the blog and Instagram lately. Not exactly silence, I'd still post every now and then, but with a blatant lack of enthusiasm. The past few weeks I've been battling a crippling loss of passion, creativity, and inspiration towards a lot of aspects of my life but especially my work in fashion. So many things have changed for me in recent months, as a first year college student in a new city I'm juggling a massive amount of homework with studying, a job, applying to scholarships, apartment-hunting, and an exercise/healthy eating routine (harder than you'd think in college). With so much change going on it was all too easy to let this website slip to the back of my mind. 
Being creative and immersing myself in fashion has always been my happiness as well as my stress relief, which has evolved throughout the creation and growth of this blog. Neglecting it started a downfall of my happiness as I had no time to shoot outfits, create new content, or even keep up with Fashion Week videos. I stopped dressing well for myself; I would wear sweats all day and then later force myself to dress up and go out simply for the sake of taking blog pictures. Obviously those posts/outfits lacked any type of passion, and doing so made blogging more of a chore than an expression. But the truth is I was scared. I was scared that if I took a break from blogging I would never come back. I convinced myself that I had lost my touch, my individuality, my drive. Nothing I created was good enough. The usual motivation to experiment and expand my personal style completely disappeared, temporarily taking my career goals with it. I don't think I've ever felt so alone within myself and so confused as to what I'm capable of. 
Thankfully, after some strenuous self reflection and pep talks from the people I love most, I'm prepared to keep this aspect of my life not only healthy but thriving. Going through multiple transitions in life is obviously going to pull me away from excessive free time, and that is perfectly okay. The key is to make time. Fashion is absolutely not a chore and never will be; it is something I consider a massive part of who I am. In the past few years fashion has driven me to places, opportunities, and self-growth that I never imagined possible. My creative expression and personal style is constantly evolving, and I intend on continuing to unapologetically document every step of the way on this blog. Not for business deals or more followers or an aesthetically pleasing theme, but for myself. Nourishment of self-love is key. At the end of the day, I'm not dressing well for followers or photographers or collaborators. I'm dressing well for myself. I'm back. 

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