WEARING: Zaful boots, Adidas track jacket, Stussy tee, Urban Outfitters jeans
Can. We. Please. Talk. About. These. BOOTS. I'm completely and utterly in love. Not only are they a sizzling shade of pink, but velvet? Zaful has seen my wildest dreams and made them come true. If Barbie and Jeffree Star and Gwen Stefani were combined into an item of clothing, I'm pretty sure it would be these boots? Anyways. I'm obsessed and will be wearing these as often as my feet will allow. 
For the first steps in my journey to break these babies in, it only made sense to reach for my most favorite pieces. This track jacket is constantly on repeat for me, it's neutral palate and popping pattern make it easy to throw on top of anything for an instant outfit-maker. My Stussy tee does the same; it's logo isn't bold enough to steal attention from anything else, but easily adds elements of detail. Finally, some black skinny jeans brought some much needed simplicity to the look. 

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