WEARING: Thrifted jacket, Vintage trousers, DIY chopped tee, Adidas sneakers 
2017 is the year of pink and I am beyond ready for it. When handled with care, pink can be either a beautifully subtle neutral or a showstopping centerpiece to any look. Or you could just go slightly loopy, take both, and wear it head-to-toe like my updated tracksuit here. This satin bomber has been a staple in my closet for months, but I usually find myself struggling to pair these shell-toned trousers with much creativity. However, when worn together, the two differing tones and materials of pink created perfect candy coated dimension. With two very dramatic centerpieces, everything in between was kept safely stark white. 
So the trick to wearing pink: when going subtle, just treat it as any other neutral. Grab a pink outer layer with your go-to band tee and head out the door without thinking twice. If going bold, throw all preconceived fashion "rules" out the window and just follow your creative eye. Mix bold shades with bold textures, or go head-to-toe. Wearing such a creatively expressive color is bound to make you feel confident throughout the day, so why not just go with your gut? Stepping outside your color comfort zone is a trial-and-error process, don't let that stop you from forging your own personal creative path. Think outside your box, not within everyone else's.

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  1. Loved your way of styling it is quiet different but definitely suits you :)
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