WEARING: Vintage top, Vintage Levi's jeans, Zaful backpack, Steve Madden heels
Why do metallics have me so hooked lately? Do I just love the feeling of shimmering in sunlight? Maybe. 
This top was a thrifted DIY project ages ago, but for some reason I constantly forget about it when looking for what to wear. The sleeveless boxy-ness is a perfect showcase for my favorite bralettes, like this little triangle thing that started my collection. Little peeps of black, from my new Zaful backpack to the little bralette to these tried and true heels, broke up an otherwise lighthearted color palate. Contrasting my heavy duty Levi's with dreamy soft and light material is so much fun + instantly calms down the opposing material to make it day-to-night friendly. I love. 

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