WEARING: Vintage sweater, Urban Outfitters jeans, Adidas sneakers, Zaful choker. 
Just some cozy basics made un-basic by high impact sunnies. I was unable to blog this past weekend but I shot so much content that I am uber excited to share, so stay tuned for some new looks on the come up! 
This fuzzy, oversized, dress-but-not-really sweater is yet another one of those pieces that doesn't get the recognition it deserves within my closet. It makes a subtle statement with just about anything, from fishnets to shorts to absolutely nothing underneath. When it's not quite warm enough to take it out as a dress, distressed skinny jeans keep the proportion balanced while bringing more subtle detail to the table. As the transition from Winter to Spring kicks in and weather continues to swing in every possible direction, this sweater will undoubtedly be a staple. These oversized reflective sunnies increasingly become more versatile as I experiment with their capacity for drama, chicness, and ability to hide my multiple under-eye bags. Perk of being a homework-driven-insomniac: plenty of excuses to grow your sunglasses collection! Just trying to look at the bright side here.  

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