WEARING: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Vintage Dickie's overalls, Vintage Doc Martens, Zaful choker
Spotted: my legs seeing sun for the first time in 3 weeks! The warmth has finally returned but we're still hanging out in that in-between stage, so getting creative with layers was necessary. Of course I immediately reach for my favorite overalls as the weather warms up; these railroad-striped Dickie's are as surprisingly versatile as they are comfortable. This vintage Tommy sweater has been in my closet for years but never quite caught my eye, until I impulsively chopped about 4 inches off the bottom before throwing it on under these overalls. Tearing my scissors through a designer knit with little to no thought is definitely not something I'd recommend, but in this case it breathed new life in the chunky sweater and swarmed my  mind with new outfit ideas.

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