WEARING: Thrifted sweater, Stussy tee, Vintage Levi's jeans, Zara flats, JORD Watch
I love that strange feeling of being gravitated towards something completely out of your comfort zone. This could mean a new adventure, palette, job, friend group, or in the case of my extremely boring life, a sweater. If you know anything about me, you sure as hell know I'm not the fuzzy-pink-leopard-sweater type of gal. Something about it's Muppet level fluffiness and muted pink tone allowed me to instantly visualize it in my closet as I confidently walked towards the register. I think I'm now a fuzzy-pink-leopard-sweater type of gal, but only if there's some graphic tees or mom jeans involved to keep me feeling like my tomboy self.  
ALSO, I'm back in San Diego and starting my second semester! I have very clear goals to prioritize my academic success throughout the next few months as well as balance some time for creativity and self reflection, so please forgive me if I lag a bit with posting. I have so many outfits planned out to shoot and so much creative inspiration running through my head, so expect some big new things coming!

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