WEARING: StyleWe top, Vintage Calvin Klein jacket, Vintage Levi's jeans, Adidas sneakers, Vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses
Wearing three types of denim in one outfit is something I'm probably going to deeply regret in a few weeks when I'm stalking my own Instagram, but in this moment I'm pretty pleased with myself. You already know that when I'm feeling lazy/minimal I go for monochrome, but today I took it up a notch with head to toe denim (actually, more like neck to ankle?). My vintage Calvin jacket and frayed Levi's are absolutely perfect for layering, the washes are just different enough to keep me from being Justin Timberlake circa 2001. In between, rather than grabbing a simple tee or sweater, I went for my chambray-ish linen StyleWe top that I've been meaning to wear for ages. Three different yet cohesive shades of blue, capped off with some vintage sunnies and Superstars. 

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