WEARING: Topshop pants, Vintage tee, Celebrity Pink moto jacket, Steve Madden booties
Someone tell me why these gold pants make me happier than most people/dogs/iced lattes. I've had my eye on these babies for awhile at Topshop, but a massive sale finally gave me the push I needed to take them home with me. As I walked around North Park in golden hour yesterday, the sun literally reflecting off my legs as I crossed the street, I knew I had made a good decision. My mind immediately went to glamming it all up for their first time out, but I know these pants will be paired with anything and everything as time passes and we get acquainted. 
If you're interested in getting some gold legs of your own GET TO THE TOPSHOP SALE BEFORE IT ENDS! This isn't even sponsored I swear, I just really love these pants. 

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