WEARING: Vintage jacket, Civil Coffee tee, Vintage trousers, Zara flats
The happiest Christmas present: a Civil Coffee tee!! I'm so excited, now I can carry home and all it's latte-filled memories on my sleeve while staying in San Diego. Another perk of being home: reunited with all my favorite, bulky jackets! This fringed leather piece is such a standout look, being paired with nearly anything can take the drama level up ten notches while making me feel cool as hell with fringe blowing behind me. Throwing it over my go-to trousers and the Civil tee only seemed fitting as I romped through my last winter days here in LA. 
I just woke up in San Francisco, where I'll be for the rest of my winter break, and I couldn't be happier. I have one more set of LA photos to post, and then it's layers/jackets/sweaters all the way! 

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